Relentless pursuit

We believe to seek the best in all of us, harness all of our shortcomings, to create the team that will serve our clients well.

Our Story

It started in 2015 when you realize you are working for the wrong side.

Shane and Lewis

the militarist and his wünderkind

Founder, QuadZerø™ Cognitive Intelligence

Lead Consultant, Egbert y Cruz, LLC.

Shane shamelessly harnesses his obsessive compulsive Asperger’s through his cyber-security with diligent computer maintenance besides being my best error-checking programmer.  He keeps the company he founded running straight with no-nonsense for military style discipline.  He is not afraid to commit your a-- to a straight jacket.

Lewis is the wünderkind who handed Hawai`i veteran CBRE Hallstrom their quarter-billion-dollar withdrawal and realized there is something more to life than a cozy county job.  Unknown to most, Lewis' young overachieving talent was a mask for shameful struggles with autism and dyslexia from an early age—only was then recognized by Babson's faculty. At his first and only county disciplinary writeup, his supervisor warned that county work "had no room for innovation." But he knew he had to find a solution to the repetitive re-entry of data that was easily jumbled in his head, in order to keep a tenured and pensioned job.

Shane always said he and Lewis understood each other because they think so alike--both autistic and hyperactive--both overachieving in their own respective disciplines.  Although Lewis may have taken a paradoxical path than Shane's. Instead of labeled as unfocused and drugged with amphetamines, Lewis was allowed to harness his love of numbers which blossomed into investment banking and global corporate strategy at US News & World Report #1 School for Entrepreneurship, Babson College.  All paved by its longtime trustee Mr Everett Dowling of Maui hometown real estate developer, Dowling Company and EntrePrep summer program at Seabury Hall.

Lewis was segregated since second grade into Gifted & Talented, with the same two girls all the way to being only male class valedictorian.  He was fortunate his mother got him his only wish: first computer when they still cost half an imported Honda.  In return he kept his promise, he would find a way to fund his college education—even turned down, Aunt Sue's, longtime friend and owner at his mom's work, offer to send him to Oregon or Reed—the calling was on the other coast, not for politics ironically but for Shepard’s pie that was supposed to best but disappointingly only slightly better than Aunt Sue's.

More than Hawaii's wünderkind in commercial real estate valuation, Lewis' CV funded the promise with three years datamining and database maintenance for Carnegie Foundation's Arabic and Islam education programme al-Muskura (collaboration).  With his best bud in investment banking, Chaim, laid the foundation for US Patriots Act financial crimes matrix analysis utilizing Friendster founders' six-degrees of freedom with Toronto- and Tel Aviv-based Nexight.  And finished a junior year's summer as a "Boston researcher" (workbank cold calling) for Apollo Group, where he realized 16 hour work day wasn't a way to live.  Regardless of the five figures they paid for a summer internship—even had to practice Islam just to leave the office for 'five prayers.'  County work was vacation in comparison.

Lewis would be nowhere today without the will and laser focus of Shane's military discipline.  Hence, Shane is the 90% majority owner of through complete ownership of QuadZerø™ Cognitive Intelligence and Lewis is the lead consultant for Egbert y Cruz, LLC.


Dr Jeremy

Algorithm and Data Consultant


a PhD in Physical Chemistry with focus of computer modeling experiments through cutting edge analytic, simulation, and visualization.

Lewis' math tutor in attempt to UW masters program till bootcamp came to town.

He provides support for further analyzing county work and develop a picture of what your assessor was thinking when they created your assessment.



Office Manager,

Owner of EyC, LLC.

Three hours ahead of the Pacific, six hours from Hawaii, David's up at 5am to answer your midnight questions.  He will be handling all documents and securing their location into the cloud.  An IT professional from the days of PanAm before we were even twinkles in our father's eye, he brings worldview from São Paulo to Paris.  But like everyone else, he fell in love with Maui.  Now retired in Lewis' prior home-state where he trained to be an appraiser--learned to chase elusive Carolina trailer homes.




Business Development Consultant

Seattle may be the city where we all met but its' business-unfriendly.  Heavily burdened with paperwork for penny-stock Business and Occupancy.  Dennis' years of service as an executive assistant to a jet flying inventor in Seattle brings our startup legal advice and tax savings techniques.



Our Selfless Mentor


From 2015, Mr Ed was instrumental in giving unbridled attention to a hyperactive protégé.  He has provided often thankless guidance and encouragement, to harness one's strengths and to bring on others to supplement your shortcomings.  It's better to be great at something than adequate at everything.  Wall Street's best appraiser, even better now C + W is owned by The Texas Pacific Group.  The Amex is now a Visa.

From 2001, Mr Ed Williams has created an aggregate $23 million in tax savings. aim to blow past $50 million in client's savings by summer's end through the use of QuadZerø Cognitive Intelligence.

From 2001, Mr Ed Williams has created an aggregate $23 million in tax savings.



We seek to scale QuadZerø Cognitive Intelligence into several new markets and achieve unicorn valuation by 2020.

Next Steps...

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